100 Days: Barrie



I was born and live in Glasgow, my grandparents were immigrants from Eastern Europe.  Having worked in social work for over twenty years, I now teach social work at university.  I’m a socialist with a firm belief in social justice and the need to fight for a society that is more equal and puts need before profit.  To this end I’ve been an active trade unionist and campaigner for many years with no end in sight.

I’d sum up my attitude towards the referendum by saying I’m voting yes for independence, but no to nationalism.  The referendum provides an opportunity to build a different type of society – one that is against neoliberalism and the politics of austerity; against racism and discrimination; against war and imperialism; tackles economic and social inequality and focuses on people, not the needs of business.  There’s nothing guaranteed about the outcome of the referendum or what may happen if there’s a yes vote. Independence can provide an opportunity to build a more just society, but the fight against inequality and injustice will need to continue no matter what the outcome.

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