100 Days – Costas


I am originally from Greece, but I live now in Scotland. I teach philosophy with the Open University and the University of Glasgow. I consider my presence here as part of an ongoing cultural exchange between Greece and Scotland that is more than 15 centuries old. In ancient times, Greeks reached as far north as Scotland in search of minerals and new trade routes. In early medieval times, monks from here went to Greece and Egypt to learn Greek, Christian Theology and Christian Philosophy and the ways of Christian monasticism and Christian mystical asceticism. Now the times have changed and a Greek has come to Scotland to learn and teach Philosophy.

As a European citizen, I think this is a unique opportunity for the Scottish people and all who live here to define their political identities and (hopefully) their European ties. Scotland in the past was one of the most European directed (in a cultural sense) region in the British Isles. In the past, famous Scottish Philosophers like Adam Smith, David Hume and Thomas Reid took ideas from other European philosophers and gave back to European philosophy tenfold. I hope this continues to be the case for the benefit of both Scottish and European culture as a whole. Europe has been a theater of continuous bloodbaths and wars in its long history. It has started making a reality the vision of European people for a peaceful co-operation and cultural exchange. Scotland and the Scottish people can be an integral part for a united, prosperous and peaceful Europe. I am looking forward to this European future for an independent Scotland.


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