100 Days: Doris




I am a German woman – originally from Nuremberg – living at at the moment in that city’s partnertown Glasgow. I have travelled and lived in different corners of the world, studied traditional cultures, worked as an editor, folklorist, secretary, event organizer and for many years now as a tourguide …. mainly for hiking. The Scottish Highlands have irreversibly drawn me in, and provide me with deep pleasure and stamina to deal with the weather and the sometime melancholic overlay of the place.

The referendum is an interesting political and personal issue – particularly for a German person. Having growing up in the somewhat remote but quite present historical shadow of WWII, any form of nationalism seemed initially very alien and suspect. However, having come to know and enjoy the country, its people and history, I’ve become intrigued by the notions and possibilities of independence. I reversed a lot of my standard ideas regarding globalization and nationality and think that independence for Scottland offers an unique opportunity to explore new ways of national politics, idendity and social welfare….

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