I think if someone showed me the picture above and told me it was the Bahamas, I’d be inclined to believe them. Not that I’ve been to the Bahamas; maybe it doesn’t look like this. Still it looks pretty nice. This is, in fact, a little town I was lucky enough to find last weekend during a short trip to the Basque Country in the North of Spain. The town is called Lekeito, 50 km or so east of Bilbao, where our trip began.

After a morning of rain, backed by a forecast of a wet weekend ahead, I was not hopeful as we took off from Bilbao in search of Gernika. But,  a couple of hours later, with the sun in the sky, we rounded the bend of the very scenic, but empty coastal road we were following and found Lekeito. Here’s the town itself -

After an hour or so here, walking along the beach, we headed off for our next destination, Donastia, or San Sebastian, which I cannot recommend enough; another beautiful, if much larger, sandy bay with blue skies, sandy beaches – and to out amazement, as we sipped a gin and tonic, dolphins, leaping in the bay.

For the last night of our trip we stayed in a small village outside San Sebastian called Getaria. The weather did turn wet at this point, unfortunately, but not before I was able to geek out down at the beach, with my tripod and a newly acquired “Big Stopper”.

If I go on any more about how wonderful I thought the Basque Country was – the coastal region we saw, at least – I’d sound as if I was in the pay of their Tourist Board. But it is awesome.









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