The images above were commissioned for specific, but not dissimilar, purposes. The first is a shot of David Weeks of Xile Clothing, for Drapers’ Magazine, and the second is of Brother Michael, for publicity materials for the Institute of Orthodox Studies in Cambridge. The commercial and the sacred; two different worlds, two different visions.

Recently I’ve become increasingly inspired by the different visions motivating the daily work of so many I come into contact with, whether it’s a doctor, a funeral director or someone starting up a new business in an attempt to help transform their local area and contribute to the community.

And so I’m embarking on a portrait project I’m calling “Visionaries”: my aim is to find people whose working day in informed by a sense of vision; of how things could be, or of some change they think it worthwhile trying to bring about in the world.

“Vision” might sound like a rather grand term. We usually associate the term “Visionary” with the Gandhis, the Bill Gates and the like; people who are ahead of their time and have a large scale vision which they then make real. My aim in this project is different; I will be avoiding the politicians and the CEO’s. I want instead to shine a light on those working within our communities who may not normally get much of the spotlight, but whose work is nevertheless informed by a vision, and hear what they have to say.

You can Help

To this end I have an initial list of people whose work I am already familiar with and those are the people I will be approaching first. But I am always looking for individuals in fields of endeavour that I am not aware of. So, if you know of someone who fits the bill and whom you would like to suggest – or if you want to self-nominate – please drop me a note through the contact page, I’d love to hear from you. As I’m based in Glasgow, I’m afraid financial constraints will limit consideration to those working in Scotland. Thanks for your help

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