This is award-winning film-maker/producer Andrew Thompson. Andrew works for the BBC and has made a wide range of science-based documentaries, working with the scientist Lord Winston amongst many others.

During the recent cold weather, I met him at the BBC buildings and got to see behind the scenes in the editing suite, where he was getting his next programme in shape. (More on that below). Handily, just in front of the BBC buildings is The Science Centre, which provided a fitting backdrop for this shot of Andrew.

The programme I saw being edited looked, from the clips I saw, absolutely fascinating. It looks at waves (the watery version) and investigates the ways in which these strange, changing entities can illuminate the human condition. It’s sciency but comes at things from quite a philosophical angle, so there’s quite a lot of discussion with the scientist/philosopher Raymond Tallis. The programme goes out on BBC 4 0n February 2 at 9.00pm.

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